Josep Lluís Mateo - Cultural center, Devesa 2013. Photos (C) Adria Goula


aq4  - Ortuellako cultural center, Ortuella 2010. Via, photos (C) Adria Goula


Intercon - Architect’s own offices, Barcelona 2013. Photos (C) Adria Goula


Tower House by Benjamin Waechter

The house is accessed by a steel bridge that meets the house at its mid level, the dining room and hub of the house.



Watch/Watertower Sint Jansklooster, Netherlands by Zecc Architecten | via

The water tower is situated in the middle of a protected nature reserve owned by Nature Monuments; De Wieden in the province Overijssel. BOEi, Vitens and Nature Monuments took up the plan to transform the tower to a watchtower. A spectacular ‘ route architecturale” will lead you up to a height of 45 m. Upstairs four win- dows give you a 360 degree view of De Wieden.

The journey upstairs begins with a closed staircase that leads to the first floor on 4 m. height. Here you have arrived in a room that is 24 m. in height and houses a spectacle of old and new stairs. The new stairs that lead through the body of the water tower has been made of wood. This to on the one hand add a warm element that contrasts with the stark concrete walls of the tower. On the other hand it is a gesture to Nature Monuments by using a raw and unpolished natural material. By adding the new route complementary to the old existing one, spatial inter- action is created. Where the old stairs led up alongside the walls, the new stairs zigzag across the tower to reinforce spatial perception.

Photography: Stijn Poelstra

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Casa Till by WMR Arquitectos

The spaces are articulated under a 3.2m modular structure with a perimetral exterior space that is larger than the interior.


three by two house ~ panovscott architects